What is press freedom?

The freedom of press gives the constitutional validity to the media to express their views and observations in the society. The Constitution provides the freedom to the press to express their views and opinions. In the Indian constitution,  article 19(1)(a) under the freedom of speech and expression of article 19 comes the freedom of press though there is no specific mention.

In order to preserve the democratic system, it is necessary that people should have the freedom to express their feelings and have the freedom to share their views to the public. The press, a powerful medium of mass communication, should be free to play its role in building a strong viable society. Denial of freedom of the press to citizens would necessarily undermine the power to influence public opinion and be counter to democracy.

One of such other freedoms provided to the media is that of investigative journalism. Investigative journalism has helped in cracking the facts and maintaining credibility in the government. Do it could be used for many reasons such as for personal gains and group interests, these are some bits of facts which are not provided by any other sources.


The freedom of speech like every other freedom has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. As we know every single subject  can be interpreted in the perspective of the respected persons. Every news becomes good or bad in either way depending upon the beliefs of the person.

One of the most underlying advantages of the freedom of press is that it keeps people informed of every situation happening in the society. The need to stay informed has been one of the major parts in a person’s life today.

It keeps a person updated about the happenings in and around him.

It provides an opportunity to form his opinion based on the valid information available.

It helps the person to enrich their knowledge with diverse topic coverages.

It provides a platform to the people to voice their opinion.

It has become the source of motivation to many people to achieve by the stories of other achievers.

It helps people of the country in keeping the credibility in the government.

It helps the youth to get exposed to different opportunities to grow.


With a major set of advantages, the disadvantages have also been one of the side effects of media.

The media has the power to carry away the opinions to be formed by the people by publishing and telecasting biased content.

It leads to a major addiction to digital gadgets (other than newspapers and magazines).

With the positive set of information aside, it exposes a person and mostly youth to the negative side of society with crime and the chances that these acts could influence a person in any stage during their lifetime is high

The repeated contents and the way of presentation in the news channels in particular might make them not eligible for credibility.

The varying output of the same contents could be presented in a different manner making a common man left with confusion to trust.

The contents published these days have been causing major religious riots. Most Media these days have indulged in provoking communal tensions by giving religious color to every situation and moves by the government.

The extent of increasing fake news has been a question of credibility to the media.

The differentiating perspective and concepts of many topics such as feminism, communism has been tweaked to comfortability of the agencies.

Instead of The real issues faced by the rural people and are being covered by that of the lives of the celebrities and gossip and silly statements made by the politicians  in urban parts.

How funded/biased media is a threat to a country?

The press these days have been adopting ideologies and lean towards the political parties and interest groups which share the same or similar ideology. Media funding has been a major threat to democracy where popular media channels are funded by the political parties. One of such other parts of funded media is that politicians from different political parties establish their own news agencies or printing press meant to mostly publish biased news.

These funded media have been acting as the promoters of the ideology they believe in by highlighting the least important content from their ideology and burying the most significant from that of the latter. Such moves have been serving the personal gains of few people by putting the faith of the common people at stake. Biased media is such a shame on the freedom provided to them. Such media not only misuse the freedom provided but also snatch the freedom of some other people too. At the end note, it is the common and poor people suffering like migrant workers due to the game played by such a media in the hands of political parties.

With respect to funded media, strict laws are to be made by the government to curb the funding and imposing reasonable restrictions on the freedom provided such media is subjected to funding. The funding parties for persons are to be identified and should be dealt with appropriate action which otherwise leads to more chaos in the society due to his/their selfishness.

Way forward.

In order to curb all these events, the most important step in the way forward  is to rely on the public broadcasters such as DD and AIR to stay informed. These media are not only credible but also telecast and broadcast those Information and policies which were meant to reach the people. Working on behalf of the government, the public service broadcasters have a decent way of presenting the contents by not confusing the viewers. It provides clarity on the content to be informed. When it comes to other media, in my personal opinion, these are to be restricted to the information which only “seem to be credible”. Relying more upon the continuously telecasted news not only drains our brain but also our time.

The best option is to depend upon the government websites such as PIB to get thorough knowledge about any policies and changes brought up by the government. And when it comes to other news worldwide, a newspaper with credible contents can be followed and based on the overall information available, I would advise to form a personal opinion and have a positive perspective to most of the events happening around us by keeping in mind the sole duty an individual in the society is to uphold the righteousness and bring a change which leads to peace in the society.

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