How difficult it was!

I had been to my sister’s place
Thought of helping her to give some solace
Told her I will get ready the children for school
I never thought by doing so, I will lose my cool

A girl of ten and a boy of seven
Made my life hell away from heaven
I gave the milk to the girl, the boy drank it
I kept omelette for the boy, the girl ate it

The uniforms were so unkept and rumpled
The iron box in a hurry got short circuted
Making them take bath proved to be easy
But when then emerged out, the water tank got empty

The boy’s hair was like a bird’s nest
The girl ofcourse, combed herself the best
Choosing a boyfriend is easier
Compared to finding their socks from the mixture

I thought I had done a fairly good job
But then I heard the boy sob
‘Maasi, my homework is incomplete
I can’t go to school without making it complete’
Alas! I am floored completely now
Pleaded my sister to takeover the row

Now if I remember that day fondly
A smile appears on my face slowly
How naive I had been with the children
Surely they took me for a ride for fun

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