A letter to MY WALKING


Hi my dear walking

Every evening when the clock used to strike 5.30, my date with you would have started.
The routine never changed even for a single day.

With my headphone firmly on my head, playing the old hindi songs.. Some rappy, some melodious.. My phone secured in my sling bag, dressed with my favourite sweatpants and tee.. I used to be so eager to meet you😍😍

One and a half hours of nonstop brisk time with you, covering around 7kms was so enjoyable. People in the park where we were having our open rendezvous, used to get envy about how well both of us gell together. Some even had asked me.. How come both of you have become non separable? Even we want to befriend walking, but it seems to favour you only… I used to chuckle at their jealousy 😂😂

Spending time with you was a getaway for me.. From my mundane, uninteresting life. I used to look forward to it. You know what? The lake beside the walking track looked so romantic with you. I had clicked innumerable
Photos of it..this used to irritate you as while clicking, I used to give attention to my targets forgetting you in the excitement.

But honestly since this Lockdown period started, since the deadly virus has become the centre of everything, our togetherness is most affected. I am not eating my favorite Sweets too.. Have started the so called healthy diet which I don’t like at all.

I’m now waiting for this scare to end so that I can continue my activity of Roaming with you blissfully..

Missing you so so much dearest😔😔
Let’s meet soon

Your ardent fan

P C : Ananya S Kuduvalli

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