A conversation With my PAIN

I asked my pain,
Hey, why do you love me so much?
You never seem to go away
Or reduce the intensity!
You are like a second skin to me..
Just like my twin!
You don’t even give me a moment
Of repose to take a breath!
You also seem like a sadist to me,
Coz you cut through my soul,
Chop my emotions to innumerable pieces,
Suffocate and Make me gasp for fresh air!
Do you stay in my subconscious too?
I just wonder…

My pain chuckled and said,
Hey, you are my favourite,
I’ll never ever leave you!
I can’t imagine my presence without you..
You provide me a perfect background
To brew and grow,
With your ample negativity,
Self pity and no fighting nature!
You yourself don’t want to part with me,
Even when I want to leave you!
You inflict me again within yourself!
You make me strong by being weak!
Do you think I will ever leave you?
Keep wondering…

6 thoughts on “A conversation With my PAIN”

  1. Sudha Kumar says:

    Beautifully penned down your thoughts. God bless you Sumana

    1. Asha says:

      Really nicely written Didi… makes you think. Loved it

      1. ಎಂ ಎಸ್ ರವಿಶಂಕರ್ says:


  2. Dear Sumana
    Very nice poem on Pain. Yes it’s part of our life😊😊. If it’s not there we won’t remember God🙏🙏 atleast during pain/difficult times we remember God and loved ones 😊😊. All the best keep writing.

  3. Dr. Ashwini P R says:


  4. Shamala Janardhanan says:

    Its very nice…. The intensity if pain could be understood only by those who have gone thru it…… Expression of the poem makes it very personal to all those who read it..

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